Accutech _Schneider Electric

Accutech is well suited to remote sensors monitoring applications offering wireless communications, autonomous power and certification for use in hazardous environments. It Applications include:

• Wellhead monitoring and control (including pressure, plunger arrival and sales valve control)
• Gas pipeline leak detection with acoustic monitors
• Tank level measurement (with dual float liquid interface option)
• Environmental monitoring (storm water, irrigation, reservoirs, ...)
• Pressure measurement in any process, from 5psi to 10,000psi.
• Securing remote sites with discreet input switches
• Delivering 4-20mA signals from 3rd-party instruments

Water and Wastewater applications benefit from innovative Accutech technology, including:

• Reservoir level monitoring
• Municipal storm water monitoring
• 4-20mA signals from 3rd-party instruments (level, pH, Disolved Oxygen, etc...)
• Pressure monitoring in pump station / distribution systems
• Level and pressure monitoring in storage tanks

Accutech products are used in a wide variety of applications and industries; essentially anywhere remote monitoring is required with autonomous networking and power.

Mining, Metals and Minerals:
• Differential pressure in bag houses
• Water pressure on sprayers
• Flow measurement of liquids from leach piles
• More...

• Level measurement in storage tanks
• Relief valve monitoring (acoustic)
• Pressure, DP and temperature on process lines
• More...

Chemical Processing:
• Pressure and temperature in cokers
• Level monitoring in storage tanks