BATS Wireless

BATS set the industry standard for delivering high-bandwidth, high-availability wireless broadband communications. With connections reaching up to Gigabit speeds, organizations, now more than ever, are utilizing BATS-enabled wireless networks for fleet communication and collaboration tools such as: VOIP, teleconferencing, inter-network file sharing, media streaming, and even real-time gaming. These tools not only allow for greater productivity, but also deliver a brand new array of crew comforts. It provides Fixed location to Mobile Ship location.

Directional microwave links, like those used in BATS-enabled systems, have proven ideal due to their longer range. Instead of saturating a small area with a wireless signal, these systems make use of signal power by directing the transmission to a specific recipient. What this represents during a direct comparison is a high-capacity signal that is nearly 20X stronger than any omni-directional system currently on the market.