Teletronics, USA

Teletronics designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of products and solutions for high speed wireless broadband systems, including RF amplifiers, up/down frequency converters, wireless network bridges and routers.
Since 1986, Teletronics has been a pioneer in developing cost effective products and total solutions for the ever-evolving broadband wireless industry. Teletronics continues to focus on innovation and is committed to providing its commercial and military customers with the best possible equipment and solutions.
Among a variety of broadband data, voice and video application clients, the most prominent are the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to whom Teletronics supplies equipment for ISPs’ wholesale, open access, high-speed, final 10-mile Internet protocol (IP) transport services. The equipment enables ISPs to achieve speed, efficiency and ease of use at a fraction of the cost of DSL or cable modem networks. In many instances, neither DSL nor cable modem approaches are practicable for ISPs as their ranges are limited to less than 5 miles.
Over the years, Teletronics has invested heavily in its research and development (R&D) efforts, and its products reflect the uniqueness of Teletronics’ core technologies, include radio transmission, network hardware/software architecture, digital signal processing, and audio/video distributions. On average, Teletronics introduces one new product every six months.