105 G-X Industrial Gateway

ELPRO’s 105U-G series multi-hop repeat five times, support a variety of industrial protocols and can be combined with ELPRO’s 105/505U-I/O and 115S products to create simple to complex I/O and databus networks. Using fixed frequency radio bands - Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia / NZ. Covers licensed radio channels in most countries.

ELPRO wireless gateways provide the interface and communication between industrial data-bus devices and field devices (e.g., Modbus to Profibus to EtherNet/IP: PLC’s to SCADA/DCS etc). Connected via RS232/RS485/RJ-45,re.g.,ister allocated data-bus values are transmitted/received by radio to and from field and control room devices.

ELPRO 105U-G series products can multi-hop repeat up to five times, support a variety of industrial protocols and can be combined with ELPRO 105U/505U-K and 115S series products to create I/O and data-bus networks.

105 G-X Industrial Gateway
  • 150/220/400/869MHz, 5mW-5W, DFSK, 3.6-19.2kbps radio communications to 35m/56Km with multi-hop repeating.
  • Able to connect similar/dissimilar industrial protocols and vendor devices •(incorporating: Master/Slave, Slave/Slave, Master/Master networks).
  • Simple to complex, point to multi-point communications with forward error correction (FEC), data integrity check (CRC) and data encryption.
  • Eight configurable digital I/O with I/O expansion via ELPRO 115S range.
  • AC/DC/battery power options with UPS battery charger.
  • Module diagnostics including read/write of register I/O, reporting of signal strength indication (RSSI), communications logging and internal measurement of low/normal and battery supply voltages.

105 G-X Industrial Gateway