105 U X

The ELPRO multi-I/O products are two-way communication devices which transmit signal values by radio (specifying the value and I/O output channel) to a receiving module. The receiving module then decodes the message, generating/re-creating the value at the specified I/O channel outputs.

ELPRO 105U series products have four differing I/O versions and can multi-hop repeat five times. When combined with ELPRO’s 115S series products or gateway products, the 105U series can accommodate changing I/O and data-bus/protocol requirements.

Within 105 U- X –“X “symbolizes 1,2,3,4

  • 105U-1: Four relay contacts. From A - AC 50V: 5A/DC 30V: 2A
  • 105U-2: One FET output 30Vdc/500mA
  • 105U-3: Eight FET output 30Vdc/500mA
  • 105U-4: Up to 16 FET output (4 outputs + 12 selectable I/O)
105 U X
  • Sensor signals connected at one module (input signals) are transmitted to another module where the signals are recreated as output signals, or passed via serial or Ethernet data bus to a host device such as a PLC or SCADA system.
  • It can be used for short distance and long distance applications.
  • Four I/O versions available.
  • I/O expansion via RS485 multi-drop serial to I/O modules.
  • Up to 95 wireless units in one network.
  • WIB-net intelligent wireless protocol, supports peer-to-peer communications.
  •  Exception reporting possible along with reliable self-checking messages.
  • Highly secure data encryption.
  • Interface to large variety of data bus - Modbus TCP, EtherNet IP, Modbus RTU, Allen-Bradley DF1, Profibus DP (Slave and Master), Devicenet, Modbus Plus, HART. More information.
  • External I/O plus internally calculated values - analog setpoint status, pulse rate and pulse total, power supply voltage, power supply alarm
  • Wide voltage power supply, with integral UPS battery charger and solar regulator
  • Multiple failure diagnostics with output status
  • Strong extruded aluminum case, with plug in terminal strips for ease of wiring connection and maintenance.
  • Industrial temperature ratings

105 U X