DVM- 30

Advanced System Automation

  • One-touch antenna location and synchronization
  • Dual axis motors realign for link acquisition

System Agnostic

  • Enclosed and open-air options.
  • Fully customizable setup allows for near universal list of antenna/radio configurations.

Seamless Installation

  • Two cables provide both motor control, and data connectivity

Rapid WWAN Provisioning

  • BATS uses an industry-first wireless search algorithm that scans the horizon for a compatible signal. Once targeting has occurred, the system scans the wireless lobes to locate the center point, providing quick network links at the highest throughput possible.

Dynamic System Tracking & Stabilization

  • With GPS Lobe Optimization, the system routinely checks connection health to detect and immediately counteract any drops or weaknesses in the wireless signal caused by interference, environmental changes, or sudden platform movement. As platform movement occurs, as seen during a mobile deployment, the system will recalibrate and adjust its position in real-time to compensate for directional changes of the base platform in both axis, azimuth and elevation.

Enhanced Control Unit

  • Ruggedized and rack mount configurations
  • SNMP Monitoring & Dynamic Service Level Validation
  • WWAN link management with available Link Manager
  • HTTPS/SSH/Telnet Management 
DVM- 30


  • PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS 27.5 inches (Dia) X 28.3 inches (H)
  • ENVIRONMENTAL           IP66, Salt Fog
  • RANGE Pan: 360° Continuous Tilt: -10 to +20°
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE        -40°C to 65°C
  • SPEED   Pan: Up to 40°/sec Tilt: Up to 8°/sec
  • WEIGHT               <65lbs

DVM- 30


Ideal for mobile applications, including:

·         Geophysical Services

·         Oil & Gas Operations

·         Public Safety

·         Emergency Response / Disaster Communications

·         Military Communications

·         Electronic News / Broadcast