TMN-51T Gateway

TMAS Smart Modem (Serial to GPRS Gateway)

TMN-51T is a smart serial to GPRS gateway, a device that integrated with a 32bit ARM7 core processor, with application firmware and TCP/IP stack and GSM/GPRS engine. It can operate in server or client mode, accept SIM card with dynamic IP or static IP, various connection scenario, and with auto recovery, auto reset, auto re-connection mechanism designed for mission critical applications.

As compare to PSTN or GSM dial up line or lease line, the TMN-51T with GPRS communication link provide a cost economical approach to achieve a “always ON” packetized data network. It is a plug and play device, allows you the migration of your traditional serial communication system to the advance GPRS link, without tedious application development and without in depth knowledge of AT command or GPRS. You can view this device as the “virtual serial wire over the air”, that links all your remote equipments to the central PC. It is a full transparent, protocol independent gateway, for AMR, SCADA, general remote monitoring, control and data exchange applications.

TMN-51T Gateway

Plug and Play

  • True Transparent Data Transfer
  • Protocol independent

Rich Data Options

  • TCP for reliable data transfer
  • UDP for fast and bulk data transfer
  • App protocol for secure data transfer
  • Methods of serial data packetization

Robust Operation

  • Constant self test
  • Self reset and recovery
  • Data buffering
  • Support auxiliary data center

Easy Control

  • Remote configuration by SMS or GPRS
  • Remote activation by SMS , call or Serial command

Flexible Operation

  • Server or client mode for connection
  • Static or dynamic IP
  • Can work as a standard GSM/GPRS modem
  • Can work as virtual wire (TMN-51T-TMN-51T,no PC)
  • Support RS232 / 485 / 422 hardware options
  • Local / Remote firmware update via GPRS

API for software developer

OPC for SCADA developer (For 4-20mA only)

PLC commands for M2M developer

TMN-51T Gateway