WLN 2000

The MTL WLN-2000 range forms part of  MTL’s industrial wireless Ethernet product series, providing reliable and secure distance communication solutions. Comprising the WLN-2400ES (2.4GHz, 400mW) and the WLN-2500ES (5GHz, 400mW), the WLN-2000 products provide up to 108Mbps, encrypted, repeatable, meshed Ethernet connectivity to link industrial process and automation applications.

WLN 2000
  • Ethernet and serial data over 802.11 a/b/g wireless network
  • High wireless data rate (108Mbps turbo mode)
  • Configurable transmit power (15mW – 400mW) for superior radio range
  • Bridge /Router, Access Point /Client in one, reduces inventory costs
  • Online diagnostics and configuration throughout the network
  • Modbus protocol support

WLN 2000



Monitoring, control and reporting for:

  • Oil /Gas field production /distribution
  • Mine vehicle diagnostics
  • Traffic management
  • Water / Waste water to SCADA
  • PLC to PLC / SCADA / DCS connection

Serial field devices to LAN (serial server)

Video surveillance /monitoring

Linking process /automation networks.