Radio Remote Control

Considering Safety requirements in Industrial Overhead Crane Controls, Flexibility & Precision in Mobile Machinery Remote Control, a reliable wireless communication system in the form of Handy yet powerful Radio Remote Control with Best in Class Safety features, Sheetal Wireless is proud to Provide Supply & Support Services for IKUSI, Spain an European Radio Remote Control Systems.               

Operator Safety & Production efficiency by reducing downtimes is at Point of Focus. Radio Remote Control can be installed as a standard equipment on  overhead machines, or hydraulic /  pneumatic machines or on industrial cranes. When installed on a industrial crane it replaces traditional pendant cable control or fixed control panel and improves operation of the crane making it more efficient enabling operators to work faster and more accurately. The operator can choose   a better and safer position to control the machine, free from the restrictions of cables, and heavy pendants. Improvement into the Flexibility & movement while operating stands out as the true need for Reliable Radio Remote Control system.

Control operation Over Wireless Communication Medium demands for High Speed, Reliability & SAFETY.RRC Systems with Category 3 Safety features should be considered for Control Applications.

A sophisticated Systems like Stepless & Multistep Control with LCD feedback options, Tandem Operations, Control Commands over Fieldbus like Profibus, J1939 & IQAN meets the demands from Industrial Cranes along with standard Push Button control to support for all types of Radio Remote Control requirements.Hazardous Area applications with even more stringent safety requirements are well suited with solutions from Ikusi RRC Systems. With operator Hand Held device Certified up-to Zone1 (Class 1 Div. 1), Class IIC Certifications makes it suitable for many applications in Hazardous environments.