Wireless Broadband

IEEE wireless standard 802.11 forms the basis for Broadband. Wireless Communication Systems supporting in excess of 300Mbps Data Rate really makes them true BROAD—BAND SYSTEMS.

Wireless broadband is a technology that provides high-speed wirelessnetworking data access over a wide area. Most commonly, it is referred as “Wi-Fi connection” in commercial world…But when it comes to Industrial grade wireless broadband communication, radio modems used should be strong and industrial grade. Radio modems operating with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n standard collapse in wireless Broadband domain.

This section comprises of Data Radio modems operating in license free frequency band i.e. ISM band 2.4 GHz, 5.x GHz frequency band. An Industrial grade wireless Broadband system is an upcoming and most obvious choice for difficult fiber optic link networks and even for moving machines. Broad band has opened the doors for not only monitoring the large amount of data but also using it wisely for control applications.

One can trust & yern for Wireless broadband system for not just Data Transfer but simultaneous Data, Voice & Video information exchange made it common choice while selecting communication media.

Understanding the Powers/Capabilities and at the same time the limitations of this technology in industrial applications, Sheetal Wireless with great experience of industrial deployments is commited to give most reliable & trusted wireless solutions.

Wireless Broadband Solutions from:

  • Prosoft Technology, USA
  • MTL, UK
  • Teletronics, USA