Wireless Gateway

Interoperability is been a serious topic in industrial communication needs.Communication solution for links between various makes of Automation Control Systems is a need for every industry.

Sheetal Wireless, with experience of various automation control systems and their communication philosophies stands out in giving technical solutions for such demands.Wireless Gateways termed also for multiplexing or acting as concentrators for field wireless equipments. Hardwire signals at various field locations when transferred through wireless RTU ‘s can be used in the form of standard fieldbuses Like Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet etc… avoiding bulky interface systems. Any automation system can be integrated with any other automation system  by means of appropriate Wireless gateways  or protocol converters .We at SWTPL provide wireless communication links by establishing compatibility with existing Automation systems of various make.

We provide Wireless Gateways like Wireless HART Gateway, Wireless Profibus gateway and many more from various companies listed below.

  • Prosoft  Technology, USA
  • MTL, UK
  • Elpro Technlogies,AUS