Wireless I/O - RTU

Wireless IO systems are nothing but non complex RTU’s that is Remote Telemetry Units.

More intelligent systems often demand for remote transfer of signal interfaces, and Wireless RTU’s does exactly the same.Wireless RTU’s with careful engineering can also be easily used for control applications and can avoid tedious wiring inside operating areas.

 Wireless Field Instrument transmitter already popular in the Industry is also now the Prime work area for Sheetal Wireless’s RF Expertise. 

 Wireless I/O connects directly to analog, discrete and pulse transducer signals. The signals are transmitted by radio using various wireless protocol. GSM technology can also be used to transfer the Digital I/O. These I/O signals are either re-created as output signals, or output via serial link or field-bus.

For Unidirectional small number of inputs even battery power option can be used like while transferring single transducer/sensor.