Wireless Sensors

Simply stated, Accutech is a line of battery-powered wireless sensor networks; a family of measurement and control tools used wherever challenging telemetry applications are found, including stranded measurement points, hazardous locations and mobile equipment.

Low cost of:
• Deployment: no wires, trenching or conduit required
• Operations: limited maintenance required
Easy to install and use:
• Fully integrated power, communications and instrumentation
• Mounts on any structure, quick configuration from keypad
• Zero maintenance: 3+ years of maintenance-free service (up to 10 years depending on data rates and battery options).
Most reliable, longest reach system on the market:
• Superior range with 900MHz and 2.4GHz FHSS radios (over 3000FT, 1000M)
• Superior resistance to interference and noise
• Deterministic battery life and months of warning when battery needs replacement